Mars vs. Earth (2012)

Geek Fever Games

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3 - 10




30 min



They came for our resources… They came to annihilate us… They came for our… cows?! Welcome to Mars vs Earth! In this alternate-reality, 1950’s era setting – we are not alone! Aliens from the planet Mars have secretly descended upon Earth. As a member of an elite multi-national squad, you must defend our home against the vicious, little green men as they try to abduct our wives, mutilate our cows and boil our oceans! To complicate matters (as if inside-out cows weren't bad enough), the aliens can replicate our DNA and clone human beings. They know our agency is the last line of defense and they have infiltrated our ranks. That trusted partner of yours may actually be an alien spy! Hey, I don’t remember you holding your hand over your heart during the National Anthem – when was the last time your DNA was screened? About the game: Mars vs. Earth is a simple card game, playable by 3 to 10 players in 30 to 60 minutes, that employs a modified 'hidden loyalty' system. Mars vs. Earth introduces new mechanics, such as scaled martian powers and an accusation/trial system, that sit atop a wacky theme to increase play value and enjoyment. Think your neighbor is secretly working against the agency? Keep him from leading missions, or better yet make a formal accusation and bring him to trial for his evil deeds! Of course you need to be careful - if you accidentally oust a true human from the agency they will become a lowly citizen with far fewer powers to help combat the martian threats! The game is over when either the humans have foiled enough of the martians' plans or the martians have destroyed every last human resource, be it military defenses, tech, people or food. In either case, Mars vs. Earth is guaranteed to create some of the greatest play experiences imaginable!