Plus Word (2015)

Geek Fever Games

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3 - 8




30 min



Plus Word is a party word association game. Everyone gets a hand of seven cards, each of which has a word on it. Everyone makes three pairs of words out of these (one is left over), and comes up with a link between them. Then, players reveal their pairs of words. Everyone tries to guess what the other players chose for their link. Players get points whenever they match someone else. The player who's connected the best with other players after a few rounds is the winner! How would you connect 'COLD' and 'SCARY'? Maybe you'd think of 'YETI.' Or maybe 'AVALANCHE.' Or even 'HYPOTHERMIA.' It's up to you. But you're also trying to make a connection with the other people playing. Can you get them to think the same as you? Can you think the same as them? The better you can connect, the better you'll do.