Simply Adorable Slugfest (2014)

Geek Fever Games

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2 - 2




45 min

From the game rules: You are a trainer of the cutest, friendliest, and most vicious creatures in the land. A vibrant battling scene in the region gives you lots of opportunities to hone your skills, connect with your… let’s call them “pets,” and make some good cash along the way from the losers. It’s okay, the creatures don’t get hurt, and you buy them cookies afterwards! And sometimes even milkshakes! But anyways, in Simply Adorable Slugfest, you are leading your creature to victory in combat, as it learns and grows and mauls. -- On each turn, both trainers will simultaneously and secretly choose what available skill their respective creature will use. After they’re selected, the trainers will reveal and resolve the skills. Based on how strong the skill they use is, the opposing creature will unlock or power up their skills for future use. Once a creature has lost all of its life points, it is unconscious and the other creature wins the battle!