Young Wizards (2016)

Geek Fever Games

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1 - 10




240 min

CREATE your wizard deck from a combination of spell, race & treasure cards. ADVENTURE board game or RPG-style! IMPROVE your wizard deck with epic loot and advanced spells. --- Young Wizards is a card-based tabletop RPG/board game where each player assumes the role of a... Well... A Young Wizard. Each player constructs a deck of cards representing their spells, equipment and other features (like race). That deck can grow more powerful over time as the player adventures into twisting caverns and dark forests, discovering treasures & gaining experience. All of that sounds great, and can be done with other tabletop RPGs. How does Young Wizards differ? The game can be played without a Game Master(GM)/Dungeon Master for a more 'board game' feel. If played with a GM, setting up adventures & encounters is a breeze, leaving you more time to focus on your story. More schools of magic than you can shake a wand at. Deck-builders rejoice! (of course, we have deck pre-constructions for the wee ones) The card-based approach provides the perfect 'bridge' between younger players and the deeper world of tabletop RPGs / board games.