Seikoku no Lemuria (2014)

Tasty Minstrel Games

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3 - 4




100 min

Seikoku no Lemuria (The Star Kingdom Lemuria) is at its heart a worker placement, resource management, area control game. Players try to get points chiefly by converting two types of workers into resources, and then using those resources to buy buildings. Points can also be gained by using special cards, and in combining them with buildings. The game simulates one full year, with 12 rounds for each month, and three harvests on rounds 4, 8, and 12. On their turn, a player must either (1) 'seed' their 'materia' - place workers; or (2) harvest resources as a result of prior placements. Players may also choose to use accumulated resources to buy buildings, accumulated food to 'employ citizens' (use special cards), or spend gold to perform extra actions. Citizens can reside in buildings with gives extra points during the harvests. From the box cover: Lemuria, an ancient city running on the now forgotten time control technology. Using the force from the stars, channeled through the star altar, they could control time and transform the versatile resource Materia into anything they wished. You are one of the city builders of Lemuria, and you must fight for control of the altar, sometimes cooperate with others, and use your resources to further develop the ancient city. And the time limit is just one year.