Hallux Rigidus (2016)

InfiNate to Elevate

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1 - 6




120 min



Each person plays the role of a character that returns to Hallux Rigidus to gather evidence and discover the identity of the villain causing the horrors that plague this small community. Once the identity and location of the villain is discovered, the players travel to that location in an attempt to overcome and banish the villain back to the netherworld. The first player to successfully accomplish this (and retain his or her sanity) is the winner! Movement: At the beginning of each turn characters may move to any adjacent space from their present location (not diagonally). Characters are not required to move and may remain in the same space as long as they desire. A character may never enter a river space and may only cross the river by using the bridge (in the center of town). Certain character abilities and possessions may allow a character to move more than one space at a time; however, a character is not required to use their full movement capability. For example, if a character has the bicycle (Move +2) he or she may move up to three spaces each turn or not at all. Looking at Evidence Chits: After movement is completed if a character is in a building which contains an evidence chit he or she may look at that chit. Care should be taken not to reveal the chit to other players. The suspect or location found on that chit should then be secretly marked off the list found on the character growth chart. The letter on the space should also be noted so players can keep track of where each piece of evidence was collected so they don't keep revisiting the same location. Certain character abilities allow characters to view more than one evidence chit per turn. The same procedure should be used for each evidence chit examined. After a character has visited all the evidence locations, the suspect and location not marked off will reveal the solution to the mystery. A free copy of the rules can be downloaded from: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/hallux-rigidus/download/53F6EBF2-B008-11E5-9DCA-B3D72AC3EA67

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