Anomaly (2016)

Rocket Science Board Games

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2 - 4




60 min



Anomaly is a 4x sci-fi board game about deep space exploration, resource management, space stations and combat which plays in 30-60 minutes.

The universe is vast, and vastly unforgiving...
Anomaly is a science fiction board game for 2-4 players about deep space exploration, resource management, space stations and combat. Take control of one of four alien races, each with their own unique abilities and tactics. At the helm of your civilization’s deep space explorer fleet you must explore the universe, expand your territory, exploit every resource and, if it comes to it, exterminate your opposition.

A 4X experience that plays in an hour.
Anomaly is designed as a full 4X experience that plays out within a time frame of 40-60 minutes. Anomaly offers high-grade components and a simple set of rules that allows for both tactical and strategic decision-making as well as fluid, immersive game play.

Dynamic win conditions
As you explore the universe, you will discover Anomalies that generate the win conditions for each particular game. Four unique player races, 6 Anomalies, 38 Upgrades and a random combination of 19 different space Sector tiles will grant you many hours of deep space exploration!

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