Conspire (2017)

Cherry Picked Games

Game Image

4 - 12




30 min



Control the world, one scene at a time.

Conspire is a hidden-role storytelling game. Its gameplay is divided into three phases: Genesis (focusing on world-building), Exodus (letting your group act out characters in this world), and Revelation (giving you time for reflection and revision before the next round). Your group determines the pocket universe the game is set in for that session. Everyone creates roles for each other to play in the upcoming story. These character archetypes are privately given goals to achieve. Roles are distributed randomly and secretly. Players then adopt a character befitting their role and try to achieve their goals through diplomacy and storytelling. Since many objectives conflict, players obfuscate their true motives to get others’ support. After the story has concluded, the goals and roles are tweaked to keep things fresh and mysterious and a new round begins.

Aside from storytelling and persuasion, the primary mechanic during the discussion phase is ‘influence’. Every player gets three influence tokens to spend which make anything about the world true. These must not contradict existing facts or remove agency from players, but can still drastically alter reality. The world of Conspire quickly becomes unique, bizarre, and wonderfully twisted.

Think of Conspire as a back-room meeting between powerful Illuminati-style leaders. Everyone has the power to shape the world and control humanity. The powerful and greedy have the opportunity to rise even further, using their wit and words to manipulate the rest of the group. Authority is easy to gain and lose, with victors growing complacent and underdogs striking from the shadows.