ROBOT RISE! (2018)

Happy Harpy Games

Game Image

2 - 6




20 min



The Ministry of Discord, an international alliance of archvillains, has an opening for a new member. Each player in ROBOT RISE! is a mad scientist hoping to earn that coveted seat (and win the game) by eliminating all the other players. The 110-card deck contains dozens of unique cards, including: Mad Scientist Identity Cards: Revealing your identity lets you use your one-time ability. Secret Lairs: Protect these from being destroyed by opponents. Giant Robot Parts: Assemble a giant robot to attack your enemies or defend against attacks. Raid, Freeze Ray, Mind Control and other nuisance attacks reduce your opponents' effectiveness. Defense Cards protect your lairs from being destroyed. Spy Attack! Disasters! And many others! And if you need part of a Giant Robot to carry out an attack, request a temporary alliance with one of your opponents. Gameplay consists of playing a card (if you can), following through on the implications of that card, and then ending your turn by drawing a card. The game ends when there is just one player remaining.