Defend the Village (2017)

Corey Keller

Game Image

1 - 5




90 min



Defend the Village is a Cooperative Deck-Building game in which 1-5 heroes team up to save a village under distress from low-life bandits and hard-hitting villains! You take turns buying new weapons, potions and helpful items while also fighting off bandits before they destroy all six of your battlegrounds all the while praying you have enough strength to destroy all 5 villains! Do you and your fellow heroes have what it takes to defeat these villains and save this innocent village? Only time will tell… Each player is dealt a random Hero with their own stats and ability. Each player also starts with the same starting hand. On each players turn they will reveal a card from the bandit deck and then spend the cards from their hand to purchase new items, or fight a Bandit or Villain. Easy to learn, tough to survive.