SPLAT!!! (2018)

Games by a Madman or Two

Game Image

2 - 8




30 min



Are you ready for some Paintball action but you can’t get to the park? Then come and join the Kids of Patterson Street in their debut game SPLAT!!!

In SPLAT!!! You have to out play your opponents using the four cards in your hand to scheme and outsmart your fellow players. Once you get covered in paint, you will be eliminated from the game and have to watch the action of your fellows. But, don’t think that you have to survive until the end to win. The other way to end is just like the game Connect Four and get four matching colors in a row. That will automatically win you the game. The last way to win, is to get one of all 8 colors onto your character. You can play with a single buddy or grab an entire gang of eight and settle down for some quick and easy fun.