Battle of Souls - Extensible Card Game (2017)

No Limit Games, Inc.

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2 - 20




30 min



Battle of Souls - is an extensible card game. But one thing that really sets it apart from other TCG games is that there are no starter decks, and no booster packs. There are no rare cards and no randomization. The deck boxes for Battle of Souls allows players to be able to play as soon as they get a one. One box can make up to two 40 card decks each with an 11 card side deck. So two players can start playing right away with the purchase of one box, and be able to have separate customized decks. With the way that Battle of Souls is setup, it makes each battle more about a players deck building skills as opposed to the cost of each deck.

In Battle of Souls, players take on the role of an immortal being that is engaged in a tournament within the immortal realm to determine who will be the next King of the realm. The crown goes to the immortal that has amassed the most souls.

Players will build their decks using any variety of ancient warriors and support cards and battle each other. As the player deals combat and/or effect damage to his/her opponent, they gain that amount in soul points due to them stealing it from their opponent.

The first player to reach 16000 souls points is the victor.

Battle of Souls can be a drawn out slow paced game, or a fast paced game where the life points act like a seesaw going back and forth until a player finally gains the upper hand and holds on to it till victory.

Will you be the one that vanquishes your enemies and claims the throne?

Are you prepared for the Battle of Souls?!