IDENTECO Core Rule Book (2017)

Humanoid Games

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2 - 10




60 min



IDENTECO is a tabletop RPG about how individual and corporate marketing can influence the world in positive or negative ways. The game is inspired by the cyberpunk works of William Gibson, Phillip K. Dick, and Neal Stephenson. Films like Ghost in the Shell, Total Recall, and Blade Runner, where players engage in elaborate deception, tactical combat, and hack their way through the grid to survive in “The Static Age.” IDENTECO emphasizes much of the social influence and its effect on people through its roleplaying and damage system. Corporations control almost every facet of life around the world. Everyone from the lowest punk on the fringe to the highest-paid government officials are beholden to the whim of the Corps. Many feel like it’s their only way to make it in the world. Through carefully crafted marketing and slick branding, the Corps don’t “force” their will onto people they “enforce” their worth in people’s minds. Others see past the fancy graphics and carefully manipulative words to find something they consider more “real.” These people try to live outside the prison the Corps have created for humanity. They inhabit the space between the Corps and the cities. They prefer to survive—and if they’re lucky thrive—in the shadow of the very giants they swore off. IDENTECO is built on an entirely new D20-based system. Players who are familiar with some of the most-popular fantasy games will understand the base concepts, but will be interested to see how the rules are expanded to a modern setting.