Zoophoria (2014)

JLS Games

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2 - 4




90 min



Welcome to Zoophoria, one of the top zoos in the world! Our Director is retiring after spending his entire career dedicated to building our zoo. To ensure we keep our place amongst the best in the world, we are conducting a global search for our new Director. You are invited to take part in our one week challenge; where you will demonstrate your skills by assembling the best habitat in the zoo and attract more visitors than your competition.. The winner will be hired as the new Director of Zoophoria.

A game of Zoophoria takes place over seven rounds, representing one week. Players start with four animals, three employees and two secret targets. Each day, a new selection of animals, employees, buildings, food supplies, targets and more will be available. Players will compete for three items from those available as new additions to their habitat. Strategy and planning must be used to create a habitat that can manage the daily food, virus and trash production. If the growing collection of animals is fed and remains healthy, and the habitat is kept clean, visitors will come to enjoy the zoo.

Over 75 unique animals from around the world are available for use in your habitat. Build structures to create themed exhibits containing mammals, reptiles, birds, endangered species and more.

Over 60 unique employees and buildings are available to provide assistance. Upgrade or add a new Keeper to produce more food. Install trash cans and recycling bins to keep the zoo clean. Enlist Veterinarians to ensure animals don’t get sick. Add restaurants, photo spots, souvenir stands or other guest services to attract even more visitors.

The player who attracts the most visitors to the zoo will win the challenge and earn the title, Director of Zoophoria.