Cosmoclasm (2017)

Nova Suecia Games

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3 - 5




45 min



The fate of the solar system is at stake as several cosmic factions struggle for supremacy. As a commander of a star fleet, it is your duty to position your forces at the right time at the right planet and claim it for your faction. Beware, the strongest faction will claim the entire planet and there is no space for runners-up in the solar system.

Cosmoclasm is a tense fight for supremacy over twelve planets of a solar system. The players take on the roles of star fleet commanders, maneuvering four different weapon systems and attempting to obtain local superiority. They do this by playing cards to increase their strength or withdraw to immediately assess the strength balance. Each majority allows the placement of a battle station and most battle stations claim the entire planet. However, each battle station influences several planets so a tactical loss around one planet may very well turn into a strategic victory in the solar system. To win Cosmoclasm, you must know which cards to play and which to keep to win the decisive majorities.