Mingle & Murder (2015)

Nova Suecia Games

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5 - 10




45 min




Splendid party, wouldn’t you say? Aunt Agatha has invited her near and dear to her mansion for a weekend in the countryside. However, it is not long before valuables start disappearing and suddenly one of the guests is found murdered. Will the Inspector find the murderer before he or she strikes again? Will the Doctor keep the guests alive until the party is over? Or will the victim haunt the murder and get revenge? This party will indeed be the talk of the high society.

Mingle & Murders is a party game in several respects; it can be played by up to 10 players and it encourages the players to play the roles of English nobles on a dinner party. It's also full of hidden objectives where each player try to mingle from room to room and steal the valuable items that interest them the most before someone else does. However, it won't be long before guests start to be found dead. The murdered players are left to witness the rest of the game from the side but they will do so more intensely than the living players. Why? Because they want to trace their murderer and get back on him or her!

Mingle & Murder is a fun and quickly played game for big player groups. Following their secret objectives, the players move from room to room and leave a card of their own. At the end of the round, their hands are refreshed with cards from the rooms they've visited. They may find a valuable item but they may also fall vicitim of a murderer. This creates a tense tactical game atmosphere where the players must carefully watch each others' moves and draw conclusions. Where do I have the greatest chance of finding what I'm looking for? Which players act the most suspicious? And most important: who dunnit? Those are questions you must answer to survive the dinner party!