Trekking the National Parks (2014)

Bink Ink

Game Image

2 - 6




60 min

Imagine yourself staring down a giant Grizzly in Katmai National Park. Take a canoe ride alongside alligators in the swampy waters of the Everglades. Trek the trails that define our nation’s most valuable public resource – the National Parks! Trekking the National Parks is a spirited family board game that lets players experience the U.S. National Parks in a fun and competitive way. Up to six players compete in a cross country race to visit the National Parks and collect the most points. Gathering colored trek cards allows players to move across the map and claim valuable park cards. If a player is the first to visit a National Park, they collect that park's colored stone, which award bonus points at the end of the game. Players must jockey for position and make tough tactical decisions at every turn to emerge victorious! The base game contains: -1 Board map displaying all 59 US National Parks -90 Trek Cards -42 Park Cards -9 Bonus Cards -6 Wooden trekkers -4 Quick Reference Cards -1 Cloth Drawstring Bag -42 Colored Acrylic Stones -1 Rules Booklet -17 Postcards from the Parks advanced play cards -1 64-page Park Guide Book