DemocraSea (2017)

Oat and Noodle Studios

Game Image

4 - 6




45 min



A game of parrrlimentary procedure on the high seas! After a mutiny, pirates aboard the good ship Due Process have struck on a more egalitarian way to divvy up treasure. Without a captain, players rely on their wits, political savvy, and a talking parrot to collect the most loot before the end of the voyage. Each turn, players traverse the board performing sailing actions, which add loot to the game's treasure chest. When they reckon there's sufficient booty, one of the players calls for a parley to divide the loot. Players take turns secretly reaching into the chest to take a hidden share of loot. Once all the treasure is divided, pirates vote on whether to keep their hidden shares, or return the loot to the chest. To gain the support of the crew, it's important to be fair. Just...not too fair. Will you take what you deserve? Or maybe a little extra? Can you trust the pirates who reached in before you? DemocraSea is a great way to try your hand at politics, just be sure you know a reliable hook merchant.