Cry Monster! (2018)

Shoot Again Games

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3 - 6




45 min

You and your monster friends are worried as the villagers have finally had enough of all of your shenanigans and are hunting you all down one by one. It's every monster for themselves in this game of deduction, deception and survival. In Cry Monster! each player is a classic monster like Frankenstein's monster, The Invisible Man or Dracula. Each round the villagers put up a reward poster for one unlucky monster. Your job is to pierce the disguises of your fellow monsters and determine who is who. Once you know, you have to decide if you throw them to the villagers or help them by deceiving everyone into thinking it's one of the other monsters. Of course, if you are the wanted monster it's time to pull off your greatest act of deception. You have to work fast because the pitchfork and torch crowd is growing quickly and starting to Cry Monster!