Pizza World (2017)

Andrew Haigh Games

Game Image

2 - 6




30 min



Players are master pizza makers looking for the finest ingredients in a market. Each player is given several shopping lists of ingredients to collect. Unfortunately with a limited number of ingredients in the market, getting the ingredients you need may not be easy, especially if another player got there first.
Pizza World is a game about completing as many personal and shared shopping lists as possible, some 'take that' elements and remembering where you last saw an ingredient - although they might not be where you thought. Make friends, or not, as you compete for the ingredients you need.

Unique/Game features
- Set collection - shopping lists
- Memory of where tiles are - they are turned face down when a shopping list is claimed
- Optional - Take that cards can also clear and turn face down tiles

Working on TableTop Sim and VASSAL (further along with this)