Trick Legacy (2017)

Geek Fever Games

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2 - 6




30 min

Trick Legacy takes you on a journey through traditional trick-taking games, by altering core mechanics and individual player abilities from one game to the next. At various points throughout the campaign you will find similarities to popular trick-taking games, such as Setback, Pinochle, Euchre, and Whist, while also experiencing unique mechanics of our own design. In true 'legacy-style' fashion, you will make permanent changes to the deck as the campaign proceeds (over multiple days or weeks), from adding new cards, marking cards with a sharpie, and even destroying cards. However, these changes are only made to the standard decks of playing cards you will use, so when you're ready to start up another campaign all you'll need is a couple new standard decks of cards from your local drug store. -- Rune. Our once prosperous realm had fallen into bitter decay. The great empires of the land shattered, forsaking all treaties and reverting to their primal instincts and savagery. Many were thought to have faded to extinction. Countless decades have passed, and the remnants of these broken civilizations have begun to rebuild and emerge once again. It is a time of uncertainty – it is a time of convergence. From Lords to peasants, from Jinns to diplomats – all must adapt to a new life on Rune.