The 12 Towers (2015)

Crosswinds Gaming

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2 - 6




180 min



--Introduction-- The 12 Towers is an RPG board game for 2-6 players. The objective is to take control of all. Active Towers, and/or eliminate the opposing players. Players take the role of “Keepers”, powerful rulers that control a Tower, and its surrounding territory. Throughout the course of the game, Towers will be gained, lost, or even destroyed. Controlling Towers will involve combat, diplomacy, and teamwork. However, it may also involve treachery and deception.
While the objectives of the game are clear, it is entirely up to the players to decide how they play the game individually. Some may be aggressive and charge head on, while others might focus on defensive actions. In the end, when players interact, they are in complete control of their own fate. Not only do you bring a strategy to the game, you bring your personality as well.

--Brief Overview of the game-- Players: 2-6 Game Type: PvP, RPG, Exploration, Board Control Game Board: 32 x 32 Inch Dodecahedron (13 pieces) Movement Style: Set space amount (Can be increased or decreased) Game Components: - 12 Keeper Figurines - 12 Tower Figurines - 12 Colored Die - 576 Game Cards - 6 Tracker Sheets - 12 5x7 Tower Cards Game Run

Time: Easy/2 Players - 30/60 Minutes
Medium/4 to 6 Players - 45/90 Minutes
Hard/8 to 12 Players - 120/180 Minutes

--Game Board-- The board for The 12 Towers uses a hexagon battle grid. Players can explore, battle, cast spells, set up walls and defensive structures, and even set traps. There is no limitation to where you can go, or what you can do. It is important to know what the different colored spaces and regions do. Remember, the rules are for a standard game, and players have the freedom to alter these rules and regulations to better suit their needs.

--Towers-- Each Tower in the game has a unique theme, as well as it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Remember, it is important to explore options, and try out other Towers. You may have a favorite Tower, or discover a useful combination that can turn the tides of battle, and become an intimidating force! Your Tower is the home of your Keeper, and it’s surrounding territories belong to you and your citizens. Whether you’re the Brutal Orc King of the Fire Tower, or the Undead Lord of the Black Tower, your Keeper is the King of it’s territory. As you play the game, you’ll gain control, or lose Towers. Be sure to use strategy and planning when you take over the board.

--Power-- Power is the heart of The 12 Towers. Power is a simplified number that represents everything that you are; Health, Mana, Currency, Influence, everything. Almost everything in the game effects Power. Whether you are taking damage from weapons, or casting spells. All players begin the game with the same amount of Power. The standard starting amount is 2000. This number is them divided between your Keeper, and your starting Tower. This number can be adjusted to use needs, or accommodate additional players.

--Cards-- The core version of The 12 Towers contains 576 cards. There are 2 types of cards; Items, and Events. Items are cards you can equip, use, cast and break. Event cards are primarily used to give the players an advantage, as well as set the stage for role playing, and gives life and scenery to the game. Events are the main source of gaining more item cards.