Superbeings Jumbo Card Game (2018)

Royal Heart Games

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2 - 4




45 min



In the Battle Universe, the Alliance Wars between Nlife(natural life made up of Humans and Aliens) and Alife(artifical life made up of Androids, Beasts and Clones) continues to rage on.

Furthermore, Xlife(spiritual divine creatures known as Xpets) have been summoned by the HA Masterbeings to intervine as Alife led by Andromeda will not stop until they control all worlds of Nlife. Superbeings from all corners of the universe have taken their sides, it's the rise of the Superbeings Battle Universe!

Superbeings is an all-new relaunch of the anime-styled Humaliens Trading Card Game released in 2003 by AEG with a completely new design and storyline by creator Rick Medina.

Impressive 4.75" x 6.75" Oversized Cards
If you have collected just 1 oversized card from a popular card game out there and ever wondered about playing an entire set of them, now you can. Superbeings Jumbo Card Game will be the first card game entirely designed with awesome oversized cards for players ages 10 and up.

Why Play The Superbeings Jumbo Card Game?
Simply put... Superbeings is an impressive strategic Jumbo Card Game set in an immersive storyline, centered on a futuristic Superbeings Battle Universe that will absolutely capture your imagination. Every Superbeing has a story that's flavored on every card, along with their Superpower, main Attack and Invincibility Effect to get you into the game.

Also, as a 2-4 player Living Card Game and Deckbuilder, the 120-card Battle Universe Core Set is a completely self-contained game experience, there's no expensive packs to buy, just great value in a full set purchase that has infinite replayability right out of the box.

Furthermore, while we don't like to mention names "cough - Pokemon TCG, cough - Yugioh TCG" the game is targeted at all of you (10+ and adults) who've played these games and would like to experience another cool choice powered by big cards and a unique Superbeings Battle Universe!

So What Else Is Cool About Superbeings?
Superbeings features a 6-Super Team concept of playing with multiple frontline attackers and multiple backline reinforcements with the objective to win by 1 of 3 ways; (1) by knocking out your opponent's entire frontline, or (2) knockout a total of 5 Supers, or (3) knockout 15 rank points worth of Supers.

In addition, the game uses a variety of D6, D12 and D20 dice rolling mechanics for establishing turn actions, attacks and more. So if you like dice rolling, you'll expecially like Superbeings and how it differs from Pokemon and Yugioh's card only mechanics.

Finally, the game plays big! So the traditional 2-player heads-up game is the easiest to start with and is the preferred play style. But when the opportunity for a massive 4-player game is called upon, there's an entirely different feel to the game when 4 players do battle to win it all!

Stunning Full Bleed Card Artwork
All the double-sided Superbeing and front-side Battle cards have been designed with border-to-border full bleed artwork. No traditional card borders will be used on Superbeings except for the back of the Battle cards where the Superbeings logo will be shown. As such, be prepared to hold some awesome cards in your hands, vividly printed and absolutely striking to play.

Superbeings Level Of Difficulty
The Superbeings Jumbo Card Game is a player vs player battling game at its roots and can be best described as a cool alternative to the popular Pokemon and Yugioh trading card games and is targeted at players ages 10 and up. If you’ve played either Pokemon or Yugioh you’ll find Superbeings has card effects that are similar in difficulty to these games with its own unique big game feel.