Solar Echoes Mission Controller's Guide (2012)

Corefun Studios, LLC

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2 - 8




60 min



The Solar Echoes Mission Controller's Guide provides the Mission Controller with helpful tips and tools for creating and running an exciting Solar Echoes game experience for players. Improve game flow, add flavor, and learn to create your own missions, encounters, and hacking challenges. Greater depth can be added with new technologies, options for vehicle and starship customization, a variety of non-player characters, and information on new alien races, hostile lifeforms and dangerous robots, with details on how to create your own. Expand the universe with new data about civilized cultures, interesting locations, strange anomalies and unique relics.

176 pages containing Mission Controller (MC) inside-information, including:

Tips on running a smooth game, exciting vehicle combat and chases

How to create your own missions and embellish the game world with flavor

Add new technology to the game, including weapon and armor augments, vehicle customization, and details on combining weapons

A diverse archive of sample encounters

An extensive library of NPC's from all races, with tips on designing your own NPC's

Exclusive MC details and secrets on other sentient alien races—including deadly foes!

Detailed info for a variety of alien lifeforms and robots, including design tips

Deep background data, including MC-only knowledge about each race

Varieties of developing civilizations and locations of interest across the galaxy

Mysterious relics from the Voidsea, natural anomalies, and the bizarre Ring Gates

Character sheets, phase cards, starship and vehicle cards, MC sheets, grid map, starmap, and icons for characters and starships

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