Daimyo's Fall (2017)

Axis Mundi

Game Image

2 - 5




60 min

Daimyo's Fall is a multiplayer deck­building game set in the Japanese Middle Ages when the country was ruled by feudal lords known as daimyo. The daimyo of Yamashiro has mysteriously died, and his treasure lies in his palace. As well, because of some unknown sorcery, the daimyo’s palace is deserted, and all the men in his domain have disappeared, leaving wives and daughters alone. Recruit the best ninja and samurai warriors to conquer the dead daimyo's palace and seize the treasure. Choose a Hero among 18 different ones, then build your deck from over 60 different cards to fulfill your Hero's specific conditions called Loot Conditions. When these Loot Conditions are fulfilled, you can take a treasure card, which grants you endgame points and powerful effects. Features - Change your victory conditions: You can buy more Heroes or change the Hero you started with during the game to have more Loot Conditions. Part of the strategy is to change your Loot Conditions adapting them to the flow of the game and looting more treasures, even in a single game your deck is going to continously evolve and change to adapt to the different situations. - Sale/return system: any time during your turn, any card in your hand, you can sell it back to the market and get money for it. Your control over your deck will be absolute. - Ninja or Samurai: In Daimyo’s Fall, every card has a class: ninja or samurai, with their own characteristics and weak points. Each of them has specific bonuses and skills, and only by mastering all of them you will dominate the battlefield. Every turn you will have a lot of combo possibilities, choose the right one and win! - No more multiplayer games of solitaire! Daimyo's Fall is developed focusing on interaction and strategy! Experience a competitive, asymmetrical deck-building game developed by veteran players. - High skill cap. Before mastering all the game's possibilities you're going to play more than a few games. - A colorful art style will introduce you to a story of betrayal, liberation and hope set in the Sengoku period. Enjoy a deep backstory with more than 40 different characters, each with unique personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. The team has focused especially on history, philosophy and folklore of Japanese Middle Ages.