Spy Club (2018)

Foxtrot Games

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2 - 4




45 min

'We could start a Spy Club,' Beatrice suggested. 'You know — search for clues and try to find mysteries to solve!' Spy Club is a cooperative game with a unique memory twist and a fun storytelling element. It’s up to you to collect the clues and solve the case before the suspect escapes or you run out of ideas! Cards have clues on both sides, with only the face up side accessible. On a turn, players use actions to flip, draw, and trade clue cards, gain ideas, and confirm clues to the center row. Each case has multiple aspects that you must solve: the Location, the Motive, etc. When you collectively confirm five clue cards of the same aspect, you solve that aspect. If you can do this for all five aspects, you successfully crack the case! You can play a single game of Spy Club, or you can play a series of games connected together to form a larger story using our new campaign format: Each game plays in 30-45 minutes, and each campaign consists of 5 games. Some elements from each game carry forward and affect future games, and new rules and story elements are unlocked after every play. No components are destroyed; everything can be fully reset and replayed. You only unlock a small portion of the total content in one campaign (just 4 of the 30+ modules), so you can play multiple campaigns and continue unlocking new content each time!