SimplyClever.Cards Elements (2017)

Simplicatus Games

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2 - 6




10 min

SimplyClever.Cards Elements is a card game that expands the classic game of rock, paper and scissors to 5 elements where each element beats two others and is beaten by two others. The deck has 45 cards in 5 suits, 10 action cards and 1 player aid card. Element cards are illustrated with their respective elements, while each of the action cards is illustrated with a unique interaction between two of the five elements. This mechanic gives the game an additional educational and environmental aspect. A game is played by dealing the cards and then playing one card at a time, simultaneously, similar to the mechanism in rock, paper and scissors. Action cards are optional and enrich the gameplay by allowing players to counter and win against stronger cards. The player with the best card takes the trick, and the player with the most tricks when all cards are played wins the game.