The Way Of Kings (2018)

Mayday Games

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2 - 4




120 min

The Way of Kings is an epic miniatures based game designed by Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback under license from Brandon Sanderson, the author of The Way Of Kings novels. The game will be a Euro/American hybrid. 60-120 min big box game. 2-4 Players, with custom dice and minis, custom player decks, player mats etc. Minis included will be: Dalinar, Sadeas, Sebarial, Roion, Adolin, Generic Shardbearer, Parshendi, Parshendi Shard Bearer and oversized Chasm Fiend Components: Shattered Plains main game board x 1 High Prince camp player mats x 1 (mostly common with unique data for each player) Politics/Kings Favor game board x 1 40 unique cards (player decks) 4 player mat building upgrade tiles x 64 (16 per player, each player has 4 of each type) About 15 general buildings x 60 (4 of each building) 4 general symbol chits x80 (about 20 of each plus some double chit) Kings favor symbol chits x TBD Star (VP) Symbol chits x TBD