Dominance (2012)

Once Upon A Time Inc.

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2 - 2




10 min



It is the 21st Century! Time for something other than checkers. Take area control and piece taking to a whole new level. There is no jumping, no king this or king that, just dominance! The board starts empty and you must dynamically 'spawn' in your pieces! This is a new kind of game for you to play with family and friends. Dominance is easy enough for players of all ages, it is fast, giving you the chance to play best out of three in one night, yet still intense enough to challenge the competitive adults in your life. Ever shifting area control and the ability to bring new pieces onto the game board from any side, give you a much different experience than other abstract games you might have played before. The game can be used to teach the many different facets of tactical and strategic play. This game fits into the middle ground between checkers and chess. There is not much to learn in the way of rules. But there is a lot to learn about how to win! Play it Online @