Climbing the Ropes (2017)

Left Field Games

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1 - 4




30 min



The old gym coach has finally agreed to hang up his whistle. You and the other substitute teachers desperately want that job, but he has devised one final game that will test not only your prowess with the gym equipment, but also your willingness to push your students past their breaking point.

Piles of gym equipment sit unused in the center of the basketball court. Send your students out to drag it back to your corner of the gym, but if another teacher chooses the same equipment your kids will have to fight theirs head-to-head in a calisthenics contest. Place your meeples to decide how many kids should do push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks while the other player does the same on the other side of a curtain. Reveal to see who pushed their kids harder. Winner get the equipment, which earns points and unlocks extra powers in future battles.