Wizard's Familiar (2017)

Artax Game Lab

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2 - 4




30 min



Wizard’s Familiar is a light, fantasy themed 2 – 4 player competitive, turn based strategy game in which you are a Wizard that controls 7 familiars. The goal of the game is to navigate those familiars into a magic portal in the center of the board. You cast spells through your familiars to enhance your familiars’ chances and prevent the opposing Wizard’s.
On your turn you will adjust counters, move your familiars and cast one of 15 unique spells. You can throw fireballs, conjure walls, set magic traps, create a dimensional door and more.
Each turn consists of just 2 phases;
1. Upkeep - Adjust counters and draw a spell card
2. Action – Move and cast a spell. You may move and cast in any order you choose.
The game ends when a Wizard has navigated 5 of his/her 7 Familiars into the magic portal in the center of the board.