On Their Merry Way (2018)

New Experience Workshop

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2 - 5




45 min



2-5 Players take control of Robin Hood's Merry Men with one goal in mind- Setting crafty traps to make the most profit off the nasty merchants who move along the trails of Sherwood forest!

Each turn, players start by scrounging the resources they need to build their traps. Then players take turns setting traps in clearings along the forking paths of the road, expanding the number of routes the travelers can take. The aim is to prey on the specific follies of the wicked, dim-witted, greedy, and lazy merchants that travel the path, because merchants will only fall for traps set specifically to lure in travelers with their folly. The follies of each band of merchants changes from round to round, as does the flow of traffic between the two main roads. Once all players have set traps, built roadblocks, or seized empty clearings for their own, each of the five bands of merchants follow the path based on the follies of their leader. Once they fall for a trap and lose some of their profit the next merchant in the band becomes the leader and they continue in this manner until they reach their destination.Players must also be careful their plans for wealth are not ruined by traveling guards, which will destroy every trap that match their folly they come across on their patrol.

Once any player has amassed 25 profit, 20 in a five-player game, the game is over at the end of the round, and the player with the most profit wins the game.