Palette Swap (2016)

New Experience Workshop

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1 - 4




50 min

Palette Swap is a 2-4 player logic puzzle game in which you are given a 'palette' of primary colors that you mix, match, and swap with your fellow artists in order to complete your schemes to win the game. If you're clever you can complete multiple schemes in a single turn, and close attention is rewarded if another artist creates the scheme you were after when it's not your turn. On your turn, you may spend two of the five colors in your palette for their effects. Red allows you to match the colors your opponents have, yellow lets you mix your colors and theirs together, and blue lets you swap a color from your palette with one of another player's colors. Playing two primary colors gets you a secondary color, which simply combines the effects of the two primaries. Playing two secondary colors get you a black, which you must use on your next turn and costs you your secondary colors. As you change the colors you possess and your opponent's, you will be able to complete your goals, all of which are based on actual color schemes such as split complimentary and analogous schemes. Accomplishing all five of your schemes first makes you the victor. The game also includes cooperative rules for playing with younger children and rules for solo play.