Shootout!: The High Noon Card Game (2015)

New Experience Workshop

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2 - 6




30 min

Shootout! The High Noon Card Game casts you and your friends as cowboys in the wild west. The most dangerous duelist is the one who makes the best hand possible. Once you've got the best weapons, the most impressive title, and familiarized yourself with your foe, you'll want to pick a fight with someone else at the table- If they don't come looking for trouble before you're ready for 'em. Experience tense, high-stakes western duels as players square off one by one until the last gunslinger standing wins. It is best suited for 2-6 players ages 9 and up and a round takes about 5 minutes per player. To begin every player is dealt five cards. Each turn a player reveals a card, draws a card, and discards a card before the turn passes to the next. The heart of the game is the information a player gives about what they are already holding by what they choose to take and what they discard. Using this information (or misinformation, at the highest levels of play) allows you to improve your chances by reading your opponent and evaluating your options-- It's basically the super-exciting high-stakes game of poker that only exists in the movies. The lean, 88-card deck has been balanced to a very deliberate point to make it an ideal family game. Special cards are very clear and provide their entire ruels explanation on them in order to keep the fun moving along. The elements of chance allow children, grandparents, and those totally unfamiliar with games to still have a fair chance of turning things around and winning in the end without leaving the outcome purely to chance like many other family games. This game was built from the start to provide fast, clear, fun gameplay that rewards investment without demanding any from the player. The game is light on text and appropriate for all ages.