After Everyone's Dead The Game (2017)

Broken Archer

Game Image

2 - 8




30 min



“You can’t lose hope. Without hope, then you have nothing.”

Based on the hit novel, After Everyone’s Dead, this game pits a team of heroes against a hoard of zombies. Choose your side in the fight, a hero trying to get to the safe house or a zombie trying to turn all humans into flesh eating zombies like themselves!

Ever want to take out a hoard of your friends who turned into zombies?

Ever find yourself as a zombie trying to kill your friends?

In After Everyone’s Dead the game, now you can!

Two teams, one human one zombie battle against each other.

Customize the board however you want! With thousands of board layout combinations, every game is a new adventure!

Play on a small layout with a few friends for a short fun game, or a larger layout for a more open experience.

Use weapons like guns, hammers, and rockets to take out your enemies

Be careful though because a human might switch teams if they die, turning into a blood thirsty zombie!

To win, the humans must get the key and make their way to the safe house. For the Zombies to win all they have to do is eat every human brain.

So do you have what it takes to survive a zombie outbreak? Or do you have what it takes to devour your friends?