Best Pitch (2017)

Broken Archer

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3 - 10




60 min



Description from the designer: Pitch your ideas to tycoons and sabotage the competition! Pitch your best idea with the most outstanding innovation to a panel of investors, but watch out as others are looking to sabotage your idea in favor of their own. Become the top dog as you craft together winning combinations! Pitch your ideas to the Tycoon in hopes your amazing idea is picked! Combine crazy ideas with creative innovations like an Arcade where everyone has a magic wand. Sabotage your competition to make sure the Tycoon picks your ideas, like it smells like baby vomit. Be careful though, your competition is out to sabotage you as well. Have a blast with a multiple players and thousands of combinations. Each player starts with two of each cards - 2 idea cards, innovation cards, and sabotage cards. You put together your best Idea with an innovation to pitch to the business tycoon. When the cards are placed face down in front of the tycoon you then place a sabotage card down on any other player’s idea/innovation combo. The tycoon picks the best despite the sabotage. Play for a few rounds. The player with the most picks from the tycoon wins. The tycoon rotates every turn clockwise around the players circle. Give it your all as you give your Best Pitch!