Circuit Destroyer (2017)

Broken Archer

Game Image

2 - 4




60 min



Description from the designer: Build your custom robot and battle your enemies! Build your robot just the way you like it! Use swords, lasers, rockets, and countless other weapons to destroy your opponents. This turn based strategy card game will put your wit, luck, and strategy skills to the test. Ever wish you had your own robot to fight in combat against other robots? Well not any more with Circuit Destroyer. Build your own robots with customized a head, arms, legs, and cores, each with powerful abilities. Use weapons like swords, lasers, shields, and rockets to blow up your opponents robot. Players must protect their robots core, for once that’s destroyed the player loses and the games over. Boost your robots power using Software cards and Hack cards, sending an E.M.P. blast at an attacking robot, or doubling your damage this turn. Circuit Destroyer comes in a variety of packs for you to collect. Each pack comes with an array of part and at least 1 rare card. Circuit Destroyer is a game for a beginning strategist or an expert tactician.