Stick Figure Fighters (2017)

Broken Archer

Game Image

2 - 8




60 min



Description from the desginer: Be the best Stick Figure Fighter in all the land. Battle for the glory of being the greatest Stick Figure Fighter! Equip your Stick Figure Fighter with weapons, armor, and power cards. Fight other stick figures to prove that you are the most powerful Stick Figure Fighter. Show no mercy, using swords, shields, super armor, or your stick arms to vanquish your opponents. Take turns challenging other Stick Figure Fighters in head to head combat, until you are the last stick standing. Battle for the glory of being the greatest stick figure in the world. Show no mercy to your opponent using swords, shields, armor, shoes, helmets, and an array of power ups in battle. As you play equip more and more armor with unique abilities to your stick figures. Use armor that boosts your attack, helmets that shoot lasers, bow and arrows to pin your opened, a giant sword to cut through your stick enemies, and shoes that let you dodge attacks. Every turn, you must battle another stick figure in stick combat to the death. The last stick figure standing is the winner, declaring themselves to be the greatest Stick figure fighter.