True King Of The Kingdom (2017)

Broken Archer

Game Image

2 - 8




60 min



Description from the designer: Fight to rule the kingdom! True King is a strategy game designed to either work as a team with other players or lead the kingdom all on your own. Move your units to steal the rival kingdom’s flag and bring it back to your kingdom unharmed. Travel perilous terrain arranged by the Kings of each kingdom. Use strategy and teamwork to topple your opponent and become the one True King. Be a fearless King, a courageous Princess, a valiant Knight, a powerful Wizard, or a cunning Archer and rule over the land. As king of the land, it’s time to rule with an iron fist. Command your forces to capture the nearby kingdom’s flag, forcing their surrender. In this turn based strategy game us the kingdom’s King, Knight, Wizard, Princess, and Archer to move through the land to your opponent’s kingdom. Take turns with your opponent laying out the land with magical traps and powerups. Use special character powers like the wizard’s ability to teleport a player anywhere they wish or the knights ability to block opponent’s movement. Play head to head against a rival or play with a group or people, each controlling one of the characters in the kingdom, taking turns moving. To win the game and control all the kingdoms the player’s must capture the enemy’s flag and bring it back to their own base. Watch out for magical traps like holding spells, teleporters, and power voiding areas as you traverse the map! Use your wits to prove you have what it takes to be the one, True King.