Lemminge (2014)


Game Image

2 - 5




30 min

With a name like Lemminge, you know you're going to be racing little rodents across a finish line of some sort, and this design lives up to that promise. Each player controls two lemmings that must make their way across a game board of hexagonal spaces; most spaces contain grassland and can be entered no matter which card a player lays down, but some spaces contain special terrain (water, hills, etc.) that can be entered only when the appropriate card is played. Each player starts with 2-6 cards in hand, with the number dependent on the player count. On a turn, a player either: Discards any number of cards from hand, then refills her hand to six cards, or Plays a card, then moves one of her lemmings. Each card is one of five landscape types and numbered 0-4. If the card played is equal to or lower than the value of the top landscape card of the same type, then the player adds the values of all landscape cards of this type, then moves her lemming up to this many spaces, crossing grassland and the depicted landscape type freely. If the card is higher than the top card of the depicted landscape type, then discard all cards of this type and start a new pile. Before moving her lemming, though, she places a bonus landscape hex of this type on the game board — ideally stifling the future movement of her opponents while scooting her own lemming further toward the goal. If one or more lemmings are in your intended path of movement, you can push them aside before moving into the space, spending one point of movement for each lemming so moved. You can push your own lemming, if you set them up right — even across the finish line. The first player to move both of her lemmings across the finish line wins.