Tattoo! The Game of Ink (2017)

Copper Frog Games LLC

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2 - 4




45 min



"Tattoo! The Game of Ink" is a set-making card game of inked body art for 2-4 players where the positioning of the cards matters. Play as tattoo enthusiasts seeking to have the most Reputation Points when the Design Deck runs out. Use Cash to buy, place, and score Tattoo Designs from the Flash Wall onto your individual Arm Board to gain Reputation Points, and chain similarly Themed designs or play on Prominent Locations for a bonus. You need these points to win the game, but you can also spend them to supplement your Cash and buy bigger and better ink. However, each Arm Board has limited space, so to keep scoring Reputation Points, you'll need to pay Cash to Laser off old designs and score new tattoos. Tattoo! The Game of Ink features card art from 29 tattoo artists around the country, box and Arm Board art from Nolan Nasser, and graphic design by Brian Patterson and Robert LeBlanc.