Ogre Cheerleaders (2018)

Paw-Warrior Games

Game Image

2 - 2




5 min



Description from the publisher: In Ogre Cheerleaders, each player represents a recruitment officer trying to recruit new cheerleaders to Ogreton University. You may start the game with some high hopes of finding some spectacular cheerleaders, but you’ll quickly realize that although the ogres are very enthusiastic, their cheerleading skill are quite lacking. Each turn, players will play an ogre card onto the field where its effect will be resolved. Each card’s effect will in some way manipulate the order of the cards on the field, or add or remove cards from the field with the goal of arranging the ogres into various formations that can be scored. Each card has a point value, and the player that scores the most points by the end of the game has recruited the best team of ogre cheerleaders, and wins the game. Although your goal is to score formations, you also need to worry about what you’re leaving available on the field for your opponent to score. Ogre Cheerleaders is a quick, light hearted game that can fit in your pocket and be played anywhere. It’s meant to be funny and easily accessible to anyone. The simple game mechanics were designed for 2 players, but can accommodate a few extra players. Adding an extra player or two doesn’t change the mechanics, but it does increase the amount of luck involved.