San, Ni, Ichi (2016)

Ironmark Games

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3 - 6




15 min



It’s a fact - we all wish we could be ninjas. Wish granted! In the game of San, Ni, Ichi, you will be taking on the role of a martial artist who has mastered combat using the three elements: fire, water, and wood. Each game will engage you in a thrilling battle to determine who is the greatest ninja master of all time! Each ninja is armed with an array of Attack and Weapon cards with special effects. Each round ninjas choose a card from their hand and play it face down in front of them. All cards are revealed at once - during which time “hi-ya!” and other ninja related noises are encouraged but not required. Cards are played on in order from lowest to highest Strength - the ninja(s) with the highest Strength Attack Card on top of their Combat Pile takes those cards as damage. All other Combat Piles remain in play and can be added to in subsequent rounds. The game continues until all cards have been played and final damage is resolved. The player with the lowest total damage is the Ultimate Ninja Master and may karate chop the losers in the neck (or just bask in the glory of victory until the next game begins).