Obelisk: A Tower Defense Game (2017)

AH Games

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1 - 4




30 min



The Queen is away and she has put you, her most trusted advisors, in charge until she returns. Everything was going well until large monsters started appearing from a nearby portal! Prove your skills to the Queen by capturing all the monsters before they escape.

This standard version of the game comes with 25 card stock map tiles allowing players to create random 5x5 kingdom maps. Play proceeds by each player choosing an action (rotate a tile, build a tower, upgrade a tower) and then the monsters move while players attempt to capture them. The starting resources and number of monsters that spawn per turn is based on the number of players. Monsters spawn at the spawn portal and move from tile to tile by following the arrows on the tiles. Winning the game is achieved by capturing all the monsters. Monsters can be captured when the strength of the tower (die) matches or exceeds the strength of the monster. Monsters win if they escape by walking off the map, walking into a mountain, or opening a larger portal (this happens when they walk in a loop / return to a tile they already stepped on).

This game is based on the open source version of the https://www.instructables.com/id/Obelisk-Board-Game-V2/ we published to instructables.com. If you're handy with some scissors, you can download the source files to cut a copy for a friend. There is also an open source laser cut version ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Obelisk-Board-Game/ ) with interlocking map tiles.

https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/obelisk **Deluxe** features thick cardboard tiles that interlock like the laser cut version and additional bonus tiles to create different map effects. The standard version of the game does not come with bonus tiles.