Troll Bridge (2017)

Cravon Studios

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2 - 5




30 min



In this game you play an intrepid messenger competing against other messengers trying to deliver their messages across a very unstable, Troll-infested bridge. But these aren’t your normal Trolls, that would be boring.

There are two types of Trolls, Ug Trolls, which aren’t all that smart and would rather smash the bridge than get into any kind of friendly small talk. Then their smarter counterparts, the Trollosophers which want to chit chat and you have to answer their questions to pass.

Along the way you can collect Treasure that can help you fight Ug Trolls such as the Spear 'O Mint, hinder your opponents like the Troll Booth, patch the bridge, and even swap Ug Trolls for Trollosophers and many other interesting and sometimes useful things.

The messages you deliver may help or harm the Kingdom. Your value as a messenger depends on the messages you deliver. Of course, you could steal the messages of your rivals and deliver them too.

Just make sure not to die along the way.