Heroes of the Fray (2017)

Heroes of the Fray

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2 - 4




30 min



Heroes of the fray is a deck building/ trading card game. It is medieval fantasy based so all the cards are items/creatures that are from medieval times, or made up creatures and items from that time. The format of the cards, and the game is medieval looking as well. There are 44 troop cards, 15 token cards, 10 mana cards, and 1 hero card in one deck. The objective of the game is to use manna cards, that replenish over time, to summon troop cards, and cast token cards to attack and kill your opponent's hero while protecting your own.

The reason I say Heroes of the Fray is a trading/deck building card game is because the game can be played by going to stores and buying booster packs to get new troops, tokens, or a new hero if you wish, and use them to make your deck better. You could also trade with friends just like a trading card game. But our game can also be a deck building card game because you could just buy 2 to 4 decks depending on how many players will be involved, and you will be set to play without ever needing to buy "better" cards. One unique quality about Heroes of the Fray, is that no one will win just by paying for good cards. The way we made our game is so that anyone can win by strategy only, using the cards you have in certain circumstances to help you out later in the game while sustaining a good amount of manna to save your butt if you need it, and to safeguard your hero so that he won't die.