Dogs (2013)

Gray Mass Games

Game Image

2 - 4




60 min

In Dogs, each player owns a kennel and want to turn it into the largest and most comfortable shelter for city ​​dogs. Each game round is divided into three phases: In Phase 1 players move their vehicles (trucks) through two different scenarios of the board, Field and the City, collecting stray dogs, rewards will be worth it, and abandoned dogs of various races who need medical care and food, but yield valuable points at the end of the game. In Phase 2 players select special cards and perform important actions in five places: the City, the Warehouse, the Pet Shop, Veterinary Clinic and Trade Show Dogs. The number of players who can use each location in the round is limited, and therefore, choosing the right action is essential to bring good results kennel player. In addition, there are four types of resources in the game (money, gasoline, ration and medicines) and is essential to keep them under control and avoiding penalties disorders. In Phase 3 players feed the dogs in their stalls, pay the salaries of assistants and kennel organize the board for the next round. Upon completion of a certain number of rounds, the kennel with the highest score wins the game!

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