Noises at Night (2018)

B&B Games Studio

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2 - 4




20 min

Story A scratch in the bedroom, a crashing noise in the kitchen, a tumbling sound in the attic. There is something odd going on in Grandpas spooky house. Its up to Leo, to solve the clues, and figure out the suspects in each room before the timer runs out. But beware, it has been rumored that there are ghosts and monsters lurking in the night! Instructions In this unique deduction game, up to four detectives will compete to score points. Points are achieved in many ways. One way is to place face up clues in locations to score at the end.Another way is to place cards in a location that corresponds to your character. Finally, solve other players secret identity based on the clues they place, which are worth more in the beginning. The game flows in two phases. The scoring phase is a phase where you can place down two of your four clue cards for community points. Once all the players have gone, the round ends and it goes into the guessing phase. Players will then take turns to guess each other identities for points, after every player has had a chance, the timer goes down by one, and a new event happens. Components List all components. 55 clue cards 10 event cards 5 location cards 1 timer card 1 timer handle token 1 first player token 30 scoring tokens 8 player tokens 4 reference cards