Kickin' Your Ass (2017)

Cravon Studios

Game Image

3 - 6




20 min



You try to collect each piece of Ass you can get your hands on. Once you have enough Ass to complete your Ass, you win. But along the way, other players are trying to kick your Ass. This of course results in you losing your Ass, or at least some of it.

Each player starts with a hand of four cards.
All cards are drawn from a common deck.
You build your Ass out of 6 cards, Tail, Back Legs, Middle, Front Legs, Neck and Head.
All the while, you play cards to Kick someone's Ass which makes them Lose pieces of their Ass. Cards like:
Kick Your Ass
Throw a Shoe
A can of WhoopAss
Ass Chewing
Laugh your Ass Off