Kickin Your Caterpillar (2017)

Cravon Studios

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3 - 7




20 min



This a set collection / take that card game for players of all ages where each player tries to get enough pieces to build their caterpillar all the while, using other cards to prevent their opponents from finishing their caterpillars. The goal is to build your caterpillar by collecting and playing A Head piece, a Tail piece and four body pieces before the other players. Components This game deck is made up of 7 Head cards, 28 Body cards, 7 Tail cards, 20 Red attack cards, and 6 Green defense cards. To complete your caterpillar you need to have in play in front of you, one Head, four Body segments, and one Tail segment. If you have those six cards in play in front of you, you win. Other players will try to force you to discard pieces, or even take pieces from you for their own caterpillar.